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Logistica integrada Transportes internacionais

We are a member of WCA Family, the largest and strongest network of international logistics independent companies for Foreign Trade of the world. (ID: 65386 )


  - We accept all incoterms
  - Have credit days as WCA terms
  - Credibility assured

It’s easy, fast and safe to load with us!
If you need any service from or to Brazil, you can count on us.

Founded seven years ago by professionals with experience in Foreign Trade and attentive to the market’s needs, AMSLOG began operations in September 2007 in the Santos market, SP.

To serve the market with differential, the company employs personalized attendance to its customers, with information transparency and effective follow up that allow offer safety and reliability for your shipments.

Our office is near the Port of Santos, SP and AMSLOG is present in the main port and airport markets of Brazil, through partnerships that expand the capability of its performance in logistics solutions, thus reducing costs and approximating distances.

It is to offer freight forwarding services and all logistical support for international transport, always looking for the full satisfaction of our customers.
The transparency of our services can be measured by the effectiveness and commitment.

Our Services
International air transport, maritime and road
Qualification in Radar for new exporters and importers
Foreign trade consulting
Customs clearance
AMS Transportes Internacionais Ltda., under CNPJ 08.757.673/0001-00
Amador Bueno street, #333, Room 616 - Ed. Tribuna Square - Centre - Santos/SP - CEP 11013-151
+ 55 13 3219.5050